About Batch

Batch is a marketing and transactional push notifications & mobile CRM platform designed entirely from a mobile-first perspective. Several thousand applications use our platform to handle push notification delivery, while segmenting their audience automatically (new users, engaged users, etc.) and predictively (risky, promising). Batch also supports custom targeting depending on your business needs and can be plugged to your existing back-end by using our open APIs. Push notifications boost app usage if used correctly, and our tool allows you to send up to 2.5 million pushes per minute per app, all while prioritizing the most active users.

Learn more at www.batch.com.


The main areas in which they work

  • Push notifications
  • In-app messages
  • Web push
  • Segmentation
  • Orchestration
  • Security & Support
  • API & SDKs


AT Connect Batch

Activate your data through the AT Connect Batch connector. This integration allows you to better communicate with your customers by automating the sending of push notifications based on reliable and exhaustive data. The technical partnership between AT Internet and Batch gives you the best of each the tools in avoiding any split of your data.

With AT Connect Batch follow the opening of push notifications in AT Internet. Engage customized audiences based on AT Internet segments. Monitors the performance of your push notifications campaigns in easy-to-use Dashboards.

  1. Automatic campaign tagging: Enable automatic tracking of push notification campaigns. Find information about notifications and related traffic sources.
  2. Audience customization: Improve your communication by generating segments from AT Internet in order to send personalized notifications to these custom audiences.
  3. Activate retargeting: Optimize the performance of your campaigns by capitalizing on the results and the history of your notifications in order to adapt your messages and multiply your conversions.
  4. Monitoring results: Analyze the KPIs of your notifications by importing Batch data (push sent, open rate, influences, reengage rate, users ...) into AT Internet Dashboards.
  5. Publish your analysis: say goodbye to manual reports and hello to automation by sharing your dynamic dashboard. Set up scheduled Email, PDF files reports, public Web link...
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