How the connector works

AT Connect SessionCam allows you to link your AT Internet analyses to your SessionCam recordings. With this connector you can retrieve the ID of a SessionCam session record in Analytics Suite 2 to view it. You will then be able to review the customer journey and compare it with the Analytics data. 

To implement this connector, you must have an AT Internet account and a SessionCam account. The SessionCam tag must be deployed on the pages for which you want to record sessions. 

This connector is activated in two main steps (these two steps are detailed in this document): 

  • Collection of the SessionCam ID in the AT Internet interface: The ID of a recorded session feeds an AT Internet website site indicator. This ID is then available in the AT Internet interfaces (Explorer, Data Query, etc.). 
  • Viewing records in SessionCam: Retrieving and entering the desired ID in the SessionCam URL. This URL allows you to view the session recorded in SessionCam.




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