About SessionCam

SessionCam provides customer experience analytics software to some of the world’s top brands. Our advanced session replay, heat-mapping and conversion funnel technology enables our clients to optimise their online user experience and significantly increase conversion rates.

Founded in 2009 and based in the United Kingdom, SessionCam is leading a new generation of customer experience analytics tools that show real customer behaviour at key moments of truth.

To learn more https://sessioncam.com/.


The main areas in which they work 

  • Session Replay
  • Heatmaps
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Form Analytics
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Error Detection
  • Struggle Detection
  • Anomaly Detection 


AT Connect SessionCam

The AT Connect SessionCam allows you to link the analysed data in the Analytics Suite 2 with the recorded session of the visitor by SessionCam. This connector, very easy to use, helps you to follow the behaviour of your visitors on your different sites and improve the user experience. 

See how your visitors interact with your site and give sense to the data collected with this Session Replay technology. 

  1. Session Recording: Record your visitors’ sessions, with a few clicks, using SessionCam technology. SessionCam records an exact version of the page as viewed by the user, including HTML, CSS and all images. 
  1. Retrieving Saved Sessions: Automatically retrieve the session ID of recordings in the various interfaces of the Analytics Suite 2 (Explorer, Data Query, etc.). This ID is the link between AT Internet and SessionCam. 
  1. Viewing records: Observe exactly how users interact with your site to identify problems, errors, and improvement points. See mouse movements, clicks/taps, masked form input, page scrolling and more. 
  1. UX Optimisation: Analyse friction points and optimise your website’s usability, user experience and conversion with this Session Replay integration. Identify and prioritise the most relevant improvements.
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