Deploying the callback function

You are now ready to deploy the callback function on your website (in addition to your AT Internet and Admo tags). The previously defined elements will then be powered and the Admo data will be uploaded to your AT Internet interfaces. Here is the code to place on your site:

<script type="text/javascript">  
window.ATInternet = window.ATInternet || {};  
window.ATInternet.Callbacks = window.ATInternet.Callbacks || {};  
window.ATInternet.Callbacks.AdmoID = window.ATInternet.Callbacks.AdmoID || function (tag)
customObject: {                             
'admo': ADMO_config.attributes.ADMO_idlast_ad_analysis       
window.ATInternet.Utils = window.ATInternet.Utils || {dispatchCallbackEvent: function () {}}; 
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