Configuring the connector

Activating callback manager

This connector recovers data from using a callback function. You must therefore activate callback management, at the data collection level, in your Tag Composer interface (Settings > Data Collection Portal > Tag Composer).


Creating customised site indicators

You must then create 2 customised site indicators that will receive the data with the Data Manager rules that you will create later. You must go to the AT Internet configuration to carry out this operation (Settings > Custom site variables).


You must create 2 new indicators:

  • ‘Admo’ indicator type "text" which will be linked to the custom object STC "admo" of the callback function deployed on your site. This indicator will retrieve the Admo ID.
  • ‘Admo source’ indicator of type "text" which will allow to condition the display of the "TV/RADIO source" information according to the presence of this Admo ID (Data Manager rule).

Here is a capture illustrating this scenario (presence of the two Admo site indicators):


Configuring the data manager rules

The callback function of the connector includes a custom object variable that feeds the previously defined custom site indicator. You must therefore configure 2 Data Manager rules and perform a mapping in this same interface in order to link all the elements previously defined.

A/ Data Manager rule – Creating a Custom Object Admo variable

The first step is to define a custom object variable "stc" that will retrieve the Admo ID. You must therefore create a new variable in the Data Manager and name it "admo".


You must choose a variable of type "Custom object" and enter the "admo" parameter as in the example below:


B/ Data Manager rule – Creating a conditioned filling variable

You must then set up a condition that will fill the "admo source" site indicator with TV/RADIO source information if the Admo ID is detected. You must create a new Data Manager rule to perform this operation (conditioned variable).

Here is the rendering in Data Manager (if the variable "admo" is not empty then display the value "Source TV/RADIO"):



C/ Data Manager mapping – Linking variables with site indicators

Once you have defined these variables, you must link them to the "admo" custom site indicators and "admo source" (defined in the previous step). You must therefore set up a mapping in the Data Manager.



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