How the connector works

The AT Connect Admo allows you to track your TV & RADIO advertising campaigns. You also have the ability to create segments based on this data and send them to third-party tools to redirect these audiences with specific campaigns.

The monitoring of TV & RADIO campaigns is entirely based on Admo technology and data. Technically, the ad ID is retrieved from a custom object JavaScript variable and fed into a site indicator using a Data Manager rule. The TV/RADIO source and ID are then available in different interfaces of Analytics Suite 2 (Explorer, Data Query, etc.).

Activation of the connector is carried out in 4 steps, detailed in this document:

1/ Activation of callback management in Tag Composer.

2/ Creation of customised site indicators.

3/ Configuring the rules in Data Manager.

4/ Deployment of the callback function on site.

You must have an account and have deployed the tag (Admo script.js) on your site for this connector to work.

Here’s a snapshot of the integration:


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