Activation of the AT Connect Roivenue

Initialisation of the connector in the Roivenue interface

The activation of the AT Connect Roivenue is done in a few clicks, following the few steps described below.

  1.  Go to the "Data sources" section at the top right of your Roivenue interface. Be careful to place yourself on the right account and on the right Business Unit.
  2. Click on the "plus" button in the "Data sources" to add a connector. You will then access the interface below. 


In this interface you must therefore define a title for your connector, define the site concerned by this connector. You then have to fill in your AT Internet credentials (UserName and Password) which allow you to connect to the solution.

Finally, you must insert the API URL of the Data Flow export that will feed this connector (this URL is automatically generated in your Data Flow tool). Be sure to specify the date of the previous day (yesterday) at the end of the API URL (instead of yyyy-mm-dd).


Configuration of the Data Flow call in AT Internet

You must therefore create a Data Flow export as part of this connector. You can access Data Flow by going to the "configuration > Data Flow" section at the top right of your AT Internet interface.


You will then access the list of the different universes concerned by the export. You must therefore choose a universe and configure the export directly in the AT Internet interface. An API URL will be automatically generated and available at the bottom of your interface. Don't forget to fill in the previous day's date (yesterday) at the end of the URL and save your call.


For more information you can consult the complete Data Flow documentation:  


Finalising the settings in Roivenue

You must copy and paste the API URL of the export into the Roivenue interface, in the field provided for this purpose. You can then click on "save & Configure" to access the advanced connector configuration.


The advanced configuration interface opens as follows:


 Here are some steps to follow in this interface:

  1. Make sure that the box "Enabled connectors are processed automatically according to its schedule" is checked.
  2. Then click on "Add query from template" and choose AT Internet. If you have several AT Internet exports, you will need to create several queries.

By opening a request, you will access the interface below. This will allow you to customise several elements of your requests.


  • Parameters / Url: Url of the copied and pasted export from AT Internet's Data Flow tool.
  • Columns / ColumnX: The values displayed must be the same as in the API URL (including upper case letters and symbols). You can change the column names if necessary.
  • Output: By default, the data is saved in Roivenue's Blob storage. You can change this storage mode directly in this field if necessary.

Finally, you can perform a test hit by clicking on the "Test Query" button to check the correct deployment of the connector. If this test is successful you have correctly configured the connector, the AT Internet data feeds well into the Roivenue allocation models.









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