About Roivenue

ROIVENUE™ is a business intelligence analytics suite for marketing professionals. ROIVENUE™ is a one-stop solution for marketers to integrate all of their advertising, CRM and web analytics data into one place and harness the power of multi-touch attribution to get more ROI from their marketing campaigns. Our suite of products includes data integration, multi-touch data-driven attribution, as well as an agency reporting tool for marketing agencies to quickly and easily build reports for clients on Power BI, Tableau and other data visualisation tools.

ROIVENUE™ has been ranked top 10 Marketing Attribution software, Europe’s Leading Data-Driven Marketing Firm, and Microsoft Partners Award for marketing e-tail. Our clients include a number of mid to enterprise clients such as Orange, Vodafone, Pandora, and Axa Assistance.

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The main areas in which they work

  •  Marketing attribution
  • Data-Driven solution
  • Data integration
  • Agency reporting
  • Performance monitor
  • RFM segmentation
  • Budget optimiser


AT Connect Roivenue

AT Connect Roivenue lets you take control of all your marketing investments thanks to multitouch attribution models. Identify the touchpoints that guarantee you the best ROI.

This connector enriches Roivenue attribution models with AT Internet data and helps you make better decisions

  1. Integrate multiple data sources: Power your attribution models with AT Internet data and enrich your analyses with third-party data sources (Facebook, Google Ads, Criteo, etc.).
  2. Analyse all your touchpoints: Follow all your marketing investments with AT Internet data and evaluate the ROI of your various actions in order to improve their performance.
  3. Use the right attribution model: Easily navigate between the different attribution models proposed by Roivenue (Markov, Shapley, etc.).
  4. Track the customer journey: Follow the entire customer journey, including details of advertising impressions.
  5. Customise your reports: Access all the marketing data of your different campaigns and personalise your Dashboards according to your needs.
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