Customized views

You can save all the modifications (filters, sorting, cross-referencing, etc.) made in an analysis in the form of "Views". These are then accessible in the Explorer submenus.

Create a view

Click on the star at the top right of the analysis to save it (1). Enter the information necessary to create it: name (compulsory), description (optional, the latter will allow you to understand the details of what is hidden behind the view), default view or not (see below).
Once you have validated the creation of the view, it will appear in the level 3 menu, instead of the standard analysis. Click on the chevron next to the name of the analysis to display all the views available for this analysis (2).


💡 Note:
The saved items are as follows:

  • Graph type (including Data Science)
  • Graph options (except comparison)
  • Graphic metric
  • Crossings
  • Filters, sorting applied in the table
  • Metrics added / deleted in the table

This means that segments and analysis periods are not taken into account when saving.

Configure a default view

You can replace the standard view of an analysis with the custom view of your choice at any time. This setting can be managed directly when creating the view, or by clicking on the 🏠 icon in the list of views in the analysis.



Delete a view

To delete a view, hover over the list of views in the analysis, then click on the trash next to the view in question. You will be asked for confirmation before the final deletion.


💡 Note:
Standard views cannot be deleted.

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