We aim to provide additional visibility on our current projects! We share on this page information about current developements and features you will soon be able to use: a matter of weeks or months.

Please bear in mind this content is shared for informational purposes. The functionalities and delivery dates mentioned below are not binding. Indeed, our projets evolve over time: some may see the light of day, others may be delayed or even discontinued in the worst of cases, either because of user feedback or because of our own actions.

This page is updated as soon as we have new information to share, on average on a monthly basis. You can also stay on top of our future releases by following our release notes.


Coming soon

These features are about to be delivered.

➡️ Dashboards > Co-ownership
New sharing option to set several owners on a single dashboard.

➡️ Explorer > Navigation > Sequence from any page
Explorer your users' paths on site starting from any page of your choice.

➡️ AT Connect > Admo
Tracking of TV & Radio campaign sources from Admo technology. 

➡️ AT Connect > Google Data Studio
Display of AT Internet data in Google Data Studio interfaces.

➡️ AT Connect > SessionCam
Retrieving video recordings of visitor sessions from the SessionCam ID. 

Working on it

We are currently working on these features, and plan to deliver them during the next quarter.

➡️ AT Connect > TrackAd
Marketing costs centralization in AT Internet Dashboards.

➡️ Explorer > Contribution
Let us take the next step in data exploration for you: automatically find out why an anomaly happened.

➡️ Tag Composer > Revamp
Get the AS2 look, with configurations to deploy on several perimeters and a guided tag process. 

➡️ Access Rights > Revamp
Improving the global UX of the interface, to provide a clearer view on key functionalities.


Just released...

Want to know what has recently been released? Take a look at the release notes , or at the news section in the Analytics Suite 😊

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