How does Campaign AutoDeclaration work?

Marketing campaigns historically needed to be declared to be processed in the Analytics Suite 2.

Depending on your use of marketing campaigns, these declarations might be seen as just time-consuming.

This is why our teams provided a new totally free option: AutoDeclaration.

This new feature can be activated by a simple request to our support teams.


Here is a short recap of the differences between Declaration and AutoDeclaration:

Declaration AutoDeclaration
Campaigns require a 1 hour to be processed Any campaign hit is processed
1 campaign id can only be used per campaign type 1 campaign label can be used over several campaign types
1 id is always required 1 label can be used without an id (we will generate a negative id only visible in the Campaign settings)
Compatible with former and new campain tagging Compatible with former and new campain tagging
Activated by default Activated quickly on demand
Free Free

Please note once that this option is activated any site on your contract will benefit from it, and that autodeclaration will no longer allow you to declare campaigns.

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