Setting up the AT Connect Poool

You must have an AT Internet account and a Poool account to set up this integration. Tracking tags of both solutions must be available on your websites. « On-Site Ads » tracking must be activated in Tag Composer (AT Internet). 

The activation of AT Connect Poool can be performed in a few clicks by adding one line of JSin your Poool configuration. 

Here is the line to add: 

  poool('config', 'ati_tracking_enabled', true); 

Adding this line allows AT Internet tracking by Poool and automatic data reporting in the Analytics Suite 2. Make sure to specify the status « false » or « true » of this configuration. 

You can also add a timeout :

   poool('config', 'ati_load_timeout', 2000);  

This element sets the default waiting time for triggering the AT Internet tracking event. After this period, the paywall is loaded with the usual method, and Poool to AT Internet tracking is disabled.




Find this information in Poool’s document resource :

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