AT Connect Poool Introduction

Thanks to AT Connect Poool, you can track the activity of your paywalls directly in the Analytics Suite 2 interface. Once the data is collected, you can set up custom metrics to optimise the performance of your paywalls and maximise the conversion rate. 

This integration is completely invisible to the user and does not change his habits. The AT Connect Poool truly respects both solutions’ functional scope.     

Here are the main functions of the connector:  

  • Enabling AT Internet’s tracking in Poool’s configuration (JavaScript SDK).
  • Sending Poool’s paywalls data to AT Internet through an automated HIT.
  • Displaying the data in the AS2 (Content/On-site ads/Publisher campaigns).
  • Providing Poool custom segments from Data Query (API). 


Below is a summary outline of the process.


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