About Kameleoon

Kameleoon is one the most powerful conversion optimisation platform on the market. Simple-touse, quick, and reliable, their SaaS solutions for A/B testing and personalisation are designed to
help marketing teams provide optimised, personalised experiences to each visitor – without
technical limitations – and make the right decisions at the right time.

Kameleoon’s solutions are based on an architecture that uses real-time visitor data, as well as
predictive algorithms capable of identifying optimal segments for personalisation campaigns.

Several hundreds of companies, from “pure players” to major brands, have adopted
Kameleoon’s solutions in order to maximise their conversions.

To learn more, visit http://www.kameleoon.com/

Differentiating point

Kameleoon boosts the implementation of any A/B testing project. The 100% WYSIWYG editor
allows users to create variants and alternatives from their own site, without affecting site
performance. The results and statistics of the A/B tests are available directly in AT Internet’s
solution. The integration of AT Internet and Kameleoon technology combines the power of an
accurate analytics solution with A/B test results: custom reports, post-hoc segmentation, “edge
effect” control.


  •  Seamless integration with AT Internet.
  •  Simple, accessible WYSIWYG interface.
  •  Creation and administration of all test types.
  •  Targeting and customisation engine.
  •  Automatic scalability via content delivery network (CDN).
  •  Results generated in AT Internet interface.
  •  Post-hoc segmentation.
  •  Level of detail of statistical analyses identical to AT Internet.

Connector operation
You can activate the connector in a few clicks directly in the Kameleoon interface. The data then
automatically goes to the MV Testing section of Analytics Suite 2.


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