Setting up the integration in Kameleoon

Log in to your personal space on, click on “Configuration” and
then “Integrations” in the sidebar.
Here is a list of the prerequisites for the proper operation of this integration:


In the integrations list, the tool must be added under the name “AT Internet – SmartTag”

If you search “smarttag” (with or without space, with or without capital letters), the tool “AT Internet – SmartTag” should be displayed in the search results.

The tool “AT Internet – SmartTag” will be available to users of every subscription type (A/B Testing, Personalization, Predictive), except Freemium. By default, the tool is not installed.

By default, the tool is not installed. This is signaled by this icon:2eng.png

For Freemium users, AT Internet – SmartTag will be locked, and the tool line will be displayed like this (like every tool on the Integrations list):


To use SmartTag, the first step is to activate “AT Internet – SmartTag” on the Integrations page.


With a click on “Install the tool”, you will be able to select the websites on which you want to activate it, and indicate the SmartTag variable(s) you are using for your website(s), so that information can be correctly reported to AT Internet.


 When selecting a website, you are asked to inform Kameleoon about the tracking variable it should use.


If you select more than one website, a checkbox appears “Use the same setting for all selected sites”. By default, the box is checked.


If you leave it checked, the same tracking variable will be used for all websites.

If you uncheck the box, you will be able to switch between all selected websites in the drop-down list at the top. You will have to give a variable for each selected website. Once you have configured the tool and click on “Validate” in the bottom-right corner, the configuration panel closes. You will then see a “ON” toggle on the right of the tool’s line, as well as the number of websites the tool is configured on.



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