About Adback

AdBack is an analytics and monetization solution specialized in adblock audience that allows media, e-commerce and advertiser sites to increase their revenues and benefit from a complete vision of their data in respect of users.

Today, 25 to 30% of Internet users have an adblocker. The consequences are not only the blocking of advertisements but also the blocking of many third-party elements on your site and in analytical tools like the Analytics Suite 2 of AT Internet.

On average, 10 to 15% of your analyzes are blocked. With the AT Connect Adback:

  • Recover these 10 to 15% of data blocked by adblockers.
  • Reassemble your favorite AdBack data directly into AT Internet segments.
  • Avoid Marketing mistakes because of incomplete Data Sheet linked with adblockers activities.

To learn more, visit https://landing.adback.co/en/


Point differentiating

AdBack analyzes adblockers user trends and supports more than 300 sites in France, Europe, LATAM and Asia in their strategy of reconquesting advertising through two main levers:

  • AdBack Data: Identify adblocker user profiles, from the most refractory to the less ad-resistant. In a logic of respect for the user, we then target only the most open users with our monetization solutions.
  • AdBack Monetization: Monetize the part of your audience that is most receptive to advertising with non-intrusive formats. Post your own campaigns or leave us your blocked inventory and we take care of the monetization with our various advertising partners and programmatic connectors.


Advantages of the connector

The AT Connect Adback allows you to recover the blocked audience detected by Adback. The Analytics Suite 2 interfaces are thus fed by all the data of your site, including the elements impacted by adblockers.

  1. Automatic recognition and identification of adblockers via Adback technology. This solution acts in the purest respect of the privacy of users and RGPD rules.
  2. Recovering blocked data in the Analytics Suite 2 interfaces. Your analyzes gain precision thanks to comprehensive data.
  3. Enrichment of the segments via relevant and complete data. Create segments involving all the elements that composed your site.
  4. Safer decision-making. Improve your decisions based on just and accurate insights thanks to this integration.
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