Activation in PrestaShop back-office

This step details the activation of the addon in the PrestaShop back office. You must first connect to your back office and access the "Modules and Services" part of the PrestaShop interface.



You can then add the addon by clicking the "Add a new module" button at the top of the interface.



You will be able to upload the previously downloaded .ZIP file.



The addon will then be available in the list of modules located in the lower part of this interface. You must configure the addon before it activation. The "Configuration" button is dedicated to this purpose.  




The configuration interface offers you several possibilities:

  • Enter the site number (obligatorie)
  • Enter the secure domain of data collection (obligatorie)
  • Enter a domain cookie
  • Activate page tracking - Autotrack all pages to obtain standard analysis data (page views, visits, traffic sources, devices, etc.). This option should not be used if the PrestaShop store is already tracked
  • Enable SalesTracker tracking - Autotrack order confirmation using SalesTracker to benefit from real-time data and data in the Reporting API, Data Query, Dashboards, and Reports. This option should not be used if the PrestaShop store is already tracked with SalesTracker


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