The Analytics Suite is evolving!

Starting March 4th, 2019, the Explorer interface will become your new Analytics Suite homepage. 

What’s changing?

When you log in to the Analytics Suite, you’ll land directly on the Audience > Overall Traffic page in the Explorer tool.


How can I access my applications and tools?

The Analytics Suite’s different applications and tools (Dashboards, Reports, Data Query, etc.) will now appear in a menu at the top-right of the screen. To switch between applications, open the menu and select the application you wish to use.



Where can I find the dashboard manager and report manager?

Your dashboards and reports are grouped together in the “Documents and Reports” area. From this area, you can access, edit, delete, or create new documents.


How can I go back?

The homepage will no longer be available. If you’re used to using Analyzer NX, don’t panic! For a smooth transition, the Analyzer NX tool will remain available for some time from the Explorer interface.


You may also sign in to Analyzer NX from the login page.
Please note that this solution is nonetheless temporary.

Why this change?

You’ll get to work in an interface that’s more modern, cleaner and simpler

You’ll be able to take your analyses all the way using features enabling iterative data exploration

You’ll be able to create custom analyses by making fully custom combinations of any desired properties

With just one click, you’ll be able to continue your exploration in Data Query, and/or share key learnings in a dashboard thanks to the seamless integration of our data activation and democratisation tools right within Explorer.  

Finally, you’ll get access to the new User Insights, Navigation and Sales Insights modules to study your data in another light: visitor-centric cross-device measurement, user journey analysis, and exclusive e-commerce reports.


 Brush up on all Explorer‘s features in our Help Centre, or by watching our webinars on Explorer.  

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