AT Internet tracker integration in Optimizely X

This first step occurs in the Optimizely X interface. Optimizely X allows you to embed MVT AT Internet tracking in its JS script, installed on your website. So we will insert this AT Internet tracking code into Optimizely.

You have to go to "Settings>Integrations" part of your Optimizely X project. In this page you have to click on the "Create Analytics Integration" button, and choose the "Using Visual Editor" option.



Then you can then give a name to this integration, "AT Internet" for example. You can also write a description and enable/disable this integration for all your new tests.

You now access to the configuration step of MVT AT Internet tracking in Optimizely X. In this interface you must enter the following code:


window.ATInternet = window.ATInternet || {};

window.ATInternet.Callbacks = window.ATInternet.Callbacks || {};

window.ATInternet.Callbacks['OptimizelyX-'] = window.ATInternet.Callbacks['OptimizelyX-'] || function (tag) {

var optimizelyState = optimizely.get('state'),

      campaignLabel = ||, // In case the "Mask descriptive names..." setting is On

      variationLabel = optimizelyState.getVariationMap()[experimentId].name || variationId;

// Removing first 2 digits to campaign/variation IDs because they are too long for our systems



    waveId: 1,

    creation: variationId.substring(2)+'['+encodeURIComponent(variationLabel)+']'




window.ATInternet.Utils = window.ATInternet.Utils || {dispatchCallbackEvent: function () {}};



This code includes a MVT Testing data callback function that allows AT Internet to be powered. The name of the test and the creation will be automatically filled in according to the configuration of your experiments in Optimizely X. However you can change and choose the ID number of the wave if needed (in the example we have waveId: 1).


Then you must save your changes by clicking on the "Save" button. Here is the rendering in the Optimizely interface:



Now you can activate the integration to make it available throughout your Optimizely X interface. To do this, you must select this newly created "AT Internet" integration and click on the "On" button.


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