About Optimizely X

Optimizely is the only SaaS platform to deliver comprehensive and dependable optimization across both product and marketing. All around the globe, in virtually every industry, Optimizely is helping forward-thinking companies eliminate guesswork and make more informed and impactful business decisions. Whether it’s revenue, share of wallet, funnel conversion, risk mitigation or product deployment efficiency, you can achieve up to fivefold increase in performance with Optimizely driving your experimentation.

Learn more at www.optimizely.com. You can also reach documentation about our connector thanks to these links:

  • Optimizely integrations: Link.
  • AT Connect Optimizely X page : Link.
  • GitHub page : Link.

Point differentiating

  • Data connectors
  • Consumer-grade usability enables 10x ability to scale experimentation
  • Best-in-class Stats Engine that delivers trusted outcomes for key decisions
  • Full stack capabilities for feature, app, and full journey experimentation
  • Enterprise-wide program management powers agility and velocity
  • Enterprise-scale SaaS mitigates risk
  • Open platform integrates with best-of-breed solutions and unlocks data silos
  • Customizable professional services delivery

Advantages of the connector

The AT Connect Optimizely X allows you to automatically mark your testing campaigns in order to display results in your Analytics Suite 2. You will be able to follow the results of your different experiments and variations in AT Internet.

  1. Automatically mark your different A / B or multivariate tests with the "MV Testing" tag. The AT Connect Optimizely X ensures you a gain of time in setting up and monitoring your tests.
  2. Integrate all the results of your experiments and variations into AT Internet. Improve the interpretation of your results by putting Optimizely data in perspective with AT Internet metrics, dimensions and segments.
  3. Analyze the performance of different populations (original, variation A, variation B ...) and study precisely the behavior of your visitors (segmentation, retention, cohorts ...).
  4. View the results of your tests in complete dashboards: tables, graphs, curves, images ... Build reports easy to read and use on any device.
  5. Spread the results of your tests: Say goodbye to manual reports and hello to automation by programming, at your own pace, the sharing of your Dashboards via different means: Email, PDF, Web links.
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