How to set up a conversion funnel?

You can manage your funnels via Settings > Conversion Funnels

Here, you can select pages from your site and link them together in order to create your funnel.

The amount of visits and conversions will then be available in Explorer (Content > Pages > Funnels)
If you wish to analyze the amount of conversions for each step, as well as the detail of the navigation within the funnel, you will need to use the Analyzer NX tool Navigation > Conversion Funnels as this is not yet available in Explorer. 

Feel free to use the the Navigation menu in Explorer to analyze the drops and differences between the pages of your site. This will allow you to visualize the sequences of viewed pages from a specific entry page, as well as the percentage of traffic from one page to another. 

The benefit of this tool is that it does not require any configuration.

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