2018 - July

Explorer - "Core" analytics


- Improved management of filters in table headers
- Usability: Change of analysis - Number of lines to display in the table, will remain the same
- Usability: change of metric - When changing 'viz in an analysis, the previously selected metric -will remain the same
- Usability: change of period - The elements selected in the table will remain the same
- Usability: better display of time-related metrics
- Usability: explicit error messages
- New spinner


Explorer - Sales Insights


- Sales Insights: new ecommerce module in beta
- Sales Insights: new purchase funnel report
- Sales Insights: new product catalogue report
- Sales Insights: new carts report
- Sales Insights: new transactions report
- Sales Insights: new PrestaShop plugins (1.6 and 1.7)

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