Activate AT Connect Ensighten

TMS systems began to emerge in 2009 in response to the growth in tag-based. For every new and updated solution marketer wanted to deploy, the greater the reliance on already overburdened IT staff to manually code these tags into the website. These deployments could weeks, months or even years depending on code freezes and other factors.

AT Connect Ensighten enables both marketing and technical users to add, edit or remove AT Internet tag within minutes through a convenient web interface. Once the tag management system is implemented, users simply click on AT Internet logo, add some account details, specify when to load the tag and where, and hit publish.

The AT Internet tag is automatically deployed onto the web page without any coding.




The first thing you have to do is to log in to Ensighten. For this, you must go to this web platform: Then you need to enter your credentials (account, username, password) and log in.




Once you are logged in you need to find the AT Internet’s App in the Ensighten interface. You can reach this section thanks to the “Apps” menu on the left. A search engine will help you to find AT Internet among the 1000 apps.




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