An organisation is a set of sites. It represents the functional structure of your business and can include several contracts. More specifically, it is a partitioned space where your data circulates freely.

When you create an organisation, a user is assigned as the administrator to manage access rights across the entire organisation. There can be several administrators in an organisation – there is no limit to the number of administrators assigned.




A user can be listed in several organisations and access data from several organisations, though it is not possible for this user to create a dataset based on data from different organisations (as the data is confined to its organisation). To easily switch from an organisation to another, the user can use the header’s organisation selector. 




A delegation allows administrators to delegate the management of access rights for a specific set of sites to another employee. It allows administrators to assign delegates to manage access rights for a limited number of sites. There can be several delegates in a delegation – there is no limit to the number of delegates assigned.

Within an organisation, any given site can only belong to one delegation. However, any given user can obtain access rights from several delegation/delegates. The delegation creation is explained in this article.




A group defines a set of users with a specific role (= access rights) across a set of sites. A given user can belong to several groups, with different roles across different sites. A site can also belong to several groups. The details of group configuration is explained in the dedicated article.

To create or modify a group, select the “Groups” icon in the Access Rights application.




To make the Analytics Suite even more user-friendly, we decided to implement roles based on your users’ level of analytics skill.These roles represent sets of tools made available to users. They can be predefined or customised to match the user's precise needs. A detailed article is dedicated to roles in order to help you get the most from your access rights.

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