Individual user journeys for Identified visitors

It is possible to extract individual data for a large amount of Identified visitors at once with Data Query. By selecting the Visitor ID (Identified visitors) dimension as well as the metrics you're interested in, you will get a row per Identified Visitor.

To look into their journeys through your site, you can add the Date-time(visit start)(Time), Date-time(event)(Time) and Pages(Pages) dimensions.

The Analytics Suite 2 also provides two other tools dedicated to user-centric analyses of your visitors: Navigation and User Insights, available to all clients in Explorer since the 3rd of January 2019).

  • Navigation enables you to understand visitors' browsing habits at a glance
  • User Insights is centered on providing you with behavioural data for your sites and apps (cross-device, cross-site and cross-source analyses that are deduplicated on the basis of Unique or Identified visitors)
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