How do I differentiate traffic from a website and its AMP version if they're tagged the same way?

If they're tagged identically, pages loaded from a website and its AMP version will not be distinguishable in our interfaces.

However, it is possible to add specific tagging to your AMP pages' tags so that they can be differentiated. You could, for example, declare a new custom site variable and feed it information pertaining to the AMP status of the page.

You could also classify all AMP traffic into its own level 2. However, this may negatively impact your existing analytics structure since the existing level 2 value will be replaced, thus classifying those page views separately. An article available on your website under the Sport level 2 would be classified under the AMP level 2 instead.

As a result, we recommend you use the custom site variable method to quickly identify the share of AMP loads in the total traffic to your site.

You can find additional information on this subject on our Developers documentation.

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