Analyses: The Anomaly detection & Prediction functionalities are located within the “Data Science” option in the graph selection of the Overall Traffic > Audience Analysis. The Anomaly Detection & Prediction functionalities will be added to additional analyses with time.

Graph granularities: As of now, the Anomaly Detection & Prediction functionalities are available for hourly and daily granularities. We will look to add additional granularities with time. Anomalies & predictions at an hourly-level are only available if the analysis timeframe is less than a day.

Data requirements: A minimum of 8 weeks of historical data is necessary to identify anomalies and to provide forecasts. If your site is new, you will have to wait until enough historical data is collected for our model to satisfy goodness-of-fit assumptions. Consequently, an explicit error message is shown until you have enough data.

Metrics: The Anomaly detection & Prediction features are available for all metrics within the Audience > Overview Traffic analysis.

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