Analyses: The Anomaly detection & Prediction functionalities are located within the “Data Science” option in the graph type selection. The Anomaly Detection & Prediction functionalities will be added to User Insights and Sales Insights with time.

Graph granularities: Anomaly Detection & Prediction functionalities are available on all graph granularities: hour, day, week, month. When analysing the current day, the actual curve will be overlayed with the day's forecast giving you hourly targets for the day.

Data requirements: A minimum of 8 weeks of historical data is necessary to identify anomalies and to provide forecasts on hourly and daily granularities. A minimum of 3 years worth of historical data is necessary for weekly and monthly anomaly detections & predictions. If your site is new, you will have to wait until enough historical data is collected for our model to satisfy goodness-of-fit assumptions. Consequently, an explicit error message is shown until you have enough data.

Metrics: The Anomaly detection & Prediction features are available for all metrics.

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