What are the consequences of using both SmartTag and xtcore.js on the same site for Safari?

It is possible to use both SmartTag and xtcore.js to tag different sections of your site. You can also use them on the same page.

However, Safari does not accept third-party cookies. In this case, visits are calculated based on the idclient contained in the hit. Yet xtcore.js and SmartTag don't have the same way of setting the idclient.

As a result, using both simultaneously may result in an increase in the number of visits, visitors and Unique Visitors for Safari. One will be counted for the xtcore.js tagged pages and events, and another one for those tagged using SmartTag.

When looking at Safari users specifically you may also observe issues with their source attribution; since the two visits are separate only one will have the correct source.

These are the only issues you can run into will running both scripts at the same time. Learn more about our tagging methods using the online documentation.

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