Import data into Klipfolio

To start you just need to create an account and connect online. Klipfolio is a SAAS application, no need to install anything on your machine. Klipfolio acts remotely and will read the information without necessarily downloading them.



Select a data source in Klipfolio

Klipfolio offers numerous possibilities for data connection. You can choose from more than 100 specific connectors and different source types: REST URL, SQL Database, File sharing, FTP sharing, Email attachments.


To connect you AT Internet data, choose the REST/URL connector.


Create a REST/URL setup in AT Internet

This important step allows you to establish the setup of your REST/URL connector and to import your AT Internet data into Klipfolio.

The simplest way to do this is by using the REST/URL connection feature available in the above library.

You’ll then be able to load a REST URL (in XML or JSON format) which you can obtain directly in the Data Query application within AT Internet’s Analytics Suite 2.


Create a Data Query request

Build your query in Data Query and select the API REST URL relating to your data set. Go into Data Query:


Create a template or use an existing template:



Import data from the AT Internet API into Klipfolio

Select the URL created below the dataset in the desired format.

  •  Paste this Data Query URL into the Klipfolio interface’s QUERY URL
  • During the import, you will be asked to enter your AT Internet account login and password. Select the basic HTTP authentication mode, as in the below example.



Klipfolio will read the fields in your database and make them available. These data can be used in Attributes (Analysis axes) and Measures (quantitative data).

Klipfolio Offers you to create Klips from these data. Klips are customizable tiles or widgets containing one or more statistical data. These tiles are used to build Dashboards In Klipfolio

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