Visualise Identified Visitor journeys / behaviour

Using Explorer

To obtain data on specific Identified Visitors, you will have to apply a segment based on said visitors' IDs.
In the Segments interface you can use the Visitor ID (identified visitors) element and filter it as required either via the item list or an expression.

Once this segment is applied to your Explorer analyses, for example Audience > Overall traffic, they will only show data pertaining to those visitors. Analyses in the Content category will allow you to consult more detailed information on the pages viewed during their visits, as well as other events such as clicks.

Using Data Query / API

In Data Query, you can directly use an Identified visitor dimension without needing to create a segment by filtering the data on Identified visitor IDs. You can then add any metrics you require to the analysis.

To identify behaviours and user journeys you can use dimensions such as Identified visitors, Pages and Page position. For each Identified visitor you will thus get a detailed user journey.

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