What is a custom marketing source?

A custom marketing source allows you to create tracking links with parameters that fully match your requirements.

We usually present xtor parameters the following way: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H. These parameters need to be filled in a certain way depending on the type for the data to be correctly processed. For custom marketing campaigns, the available parameters go from A to F and only the first two are compulsory.

  • The A parameter is the source type. For a custom marketing campaign, this is "CSx" where "x" is the source's numerical ID.
  • The B parameter is the campaign's numerical ID.

These parameters and the IDs they require are determined when declaring a campaign in the interface.

Declaring a custom marketing source also allows you to determine the labels and contents of the C to F parameters. These parameters are optional. If you wish to use them, they need to be declared before you create a campaign linked to the custom marketing source.

For more information, please see our Developers documentation that details tagging for such campaigns: https://developers.atinternet-solutions.com/javascript-en/campaigns-javascript-en/marketing-campaigns-javascript-en/

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