How do you explain differences between Analytics Suite 2 and Google Analytics data?

It is impossible to obtain similar results between any two Analytics tools. There are fundamental differences in the philosophy, collection and processing that make any kind of apples to apples comparison unfeasible.

The discrepancies you may observe between the Analytics Suite 2 and Google Analytics are due to disparities in the way our tool and our competitor's work. Following are some examples. This list is not exhaustive and can be subject to change:

  1. Visits (or 'sessions') are understood differently on both platforms:
    AT Internet defines a visit as a series of tagged actions (events) performed by a visitor on a site, that ends after 30 minutes of inactivity. Google Analytics can be configured differently, a longer or shorter inactivity period having a massive effect on the number of visits that are counted. Google Analytics also concludes their sessions when the browser is closed even if the visitor comes back to the site immediately.
  2. Differences in the tagging can cause differences in measurement. If the tags are not placed in exactly the same spot, they can sometimes operate differently. This kind of thing is usually very difficult to notice.
  3. Google Analytics sometimes samples their data. However, AT Internet always takes all available data into account, no matter the analysis. This can also lead to observable differences between the two.
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