Visualise your data

As soon as your videos are tagged, you will be able to see on the Analytics Suite 2 your data. The different dimensions and metrics available with the AT Connect Dailymotion are available on the section: Dimesions and metrics

  • Go on Explorer
  • Select Content then Rich Media

  • You can add other metrics by using the drop-down menu on the right

You can also display your data on DataQuery. The following URL can be used:{d_rm_type,d_rm_l2,d_rm_content,d_rm_loc,m_rm_play,m_rm_pause,m_rm_stop,m_rm_playcounts,m_rm_fullplaybacks,m_rm_fullplaybacks_rate,m_rm_playback_time_playcount,m_rm_time_spent,m_rm_playback_progress_rate}&sort={-m_rm_play}&space={s:0}&period={R:{D:'-1'}}&max-results=50&page-num=1



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