Dimensions and metrics

When using AT Connect Dailymotion, you will have access to the following data.


  • Media type: the value will always be « Videos »
  • Level 2 sites: the value will always be the same and is related to the ID filled in the connector
  • Content: the value will be a concatenation of the video code and its label. Ex : xb56hy_Journal_20h_20_Decembre
  • Locations: the value (either "Internal" or "External") is defined according to the current URL based on the domain name entered in the connector


  • Plays
  • Pauses
  • Stops
  • Playcount
  • Full playbacks
  • Full playback rate
  • Average playback rate
  • Cumulative time spent on content
  • Playback progress rate

The URL below will give access to all dimensions and metrics listed above:


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