Dimensions marked with an exclamation mark

Certain dimensions may have specific behaviours. If it is the case, the dimension is highlighted using a yellow exclamation mark.

By hovering over the icon you will find additional information as to why they have been singled out.

You are then reminded you have selected metrics with unique behaviours above the API URL you need to call with the following message:


For example, In the tooltip above, the number of pages viewed during a visit will increase as a user browses the site. Unforetunately, this visit can be straddled over two consecutive full hours (exemple: visit start: 8:50AM -> visit end 9:10AM). 

Since the API brings back data for a full hour at a time (a call at 9AM for 8AM to 9AM data & a call at 10AM for 9AM to 10AM data) the API may bring back different values for the same visit between two consecutive calls.

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