How we can track marketing email openings?

On top of clicks, you can also measure the number of times a marketing emailing has been opened.

You will need to implement an invisible pixel at the top of the source code of the emailing. Once the email is opened, our pixel will be loaded and will reach our servers.

Pixel to use:

<img width='1' height='1' alt='' src='http://logxxxx.xxxx/hit.xiti?xts=554733&xto=EPR-300-[Presentation_service]-20180825-[]-3039&ts=timestamp_UNIX&type=email&'>


Replace the following information with yours:

logxxxx.xxxx > your site log

xts=554733 > your site ID

xto=EPR-300-[Presentation_service]-20180825-[]-3039 > your marketing campaign

You will find more information here: Measure openings.


Note: our tracking relies on an image. More and more email clients disable images by default. If images are not activated, our pixel will not load.

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