Explorer > Navigation > "Funnel" view of a sequence

Once you've identified the sequence you want to analyse, you can generate a funnel out of this sequence in a single click on "View funnel":

For all of the steps, you can report on:

  • the step conversion rate (in green). This rate is the same that you can read between steps in the tree view.
  • the overall conversion rate, which you can read within the horizontal bars, shows the conversion up to the given page from the step 1. The 14% in the yellow bar shows that 14% of the sequences starting from "home" took the path "home > Blog-internal-saerch-engine-results > article::blues::bb-king::2013-tour-dates"
  • the exit rate (in red). The 96% rate between step 3 and 4 shows that most of the visits didn't go to home after the sequence "home > Blog-internal-saerch-engine-results > article::blues::bb-king::2013-tour-dates". These 96% are the sum of 20% of visits that left to another page and 76% that left the site (end of visit).
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