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The Navigation module of the Analytics Suite allows reporting on the behaviour of your visitors when they land on your site or mobile app.

Entry pages

The entry pages report shows all the paths taken from a given entry page. When clicking on the boxes, the tree opens the next step and shows the next 5 pages.

You can also click on "Show more" at the bottom of each step to view the next 5 pages of the step.

In each box, we show the page name (with chapters) and the level 2 site, as well as the number of visits corresponding to the selected sequence up to this step and the exit rate. In the above example, 3.082 visits followed the home > Blog-internal-search-engine-results > article::blues::bb-king::2013-tour-dates path.

Among those 3.082 visits, 75.9% ended on this very last page "article::blues::bb-king::2013-tour-dates". When hovering your mouse over the exit rate, you show the exact number of visits.

The ratio between "Blog-internal-search-engine-results" and "article::blues::bb-king::2013-tour-dates" that shows 96% represents the ratio of visits which went from those 2 pages for the sequences starting with home > Blog-internal-search-engine-results.

Consecutive page loads

It's very important to notice that in this report, the reloads aren't shown. If a page is loaded several times in a row (A > A > B), we will show A > B.

Obviously, when the sequence A > B > A happens, we show A > B > A.

Step search

You can narrow the datasets by applying filters on each step. This action will empty the selected sequence and cancel the filter on the next steps.

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