"Unique visitor" metric evolution!

We’ve listened to your feedback and have decided to make a significant change to how we calculate the “Unique Visitors” metric within User Insights. This has been live since the 17th of July 2018 and will also impact Data Query and the reporting API:

As of July 2018

User Insights

Within User Insights, the “Unique visitors” metric now represents all visitors (with and without cookies) who have loaded at least one page. Previously, we counted users who had triggered events without loading pages (banner ad impressions, opening emails, video views on another domain etc.). This change will take effect immediately and will impact User Insights’ unique visitor figures retrospectively.

Data Query, Reporting API, Dashboards & Reports

In the interest of consistency, we have also changed the existing “Unique Visitors” metric within Data Query. Indeed, this metric has always taken into account users with cookies who have generated any type of event (page view, click, email opening etc.); however, visitors without cookies are excluded from this calculation. To make sure we are consistent, this metric has been renamed “Unique Visitors (with cookies, all events)”. Its definition has also been updated.
This change will impact Data Query, but also the reporting API within Dashboards & Reports.

Segments Manager

This change also implies a change in the segment scopes of the Segments Manager. The exisiting "Visitors" scope has been renamed "Visitors with cookies".



September 2018

Data Query, Reporting API, Dashboards & Reports

To offer the same metric definition within User Insights and Data Query, we will roll out two new metrics within Data Query in September 2018:

  • Unique Visitors: this metric will be identical to the one in User Insights. Namely, all visitors, with and without cookies, who have loaded at least one page.
  • Unique Visitors (All events): this metric will enable you to study all visitors with and without cookies, regardless off the event they generated (page view, click, opening an email, etc.). This metric will be useful if you have large amounts of content that can be reached without users loading a page.

Segments Manager

When those metrics are available (September 2018), we will also provide a new segment scope in the Segments Manager, allowing you to create segments on:

  • "visits"
  • "visitors" (with and without cookies)
  • "visitors with cookies"
  • "identified visitors"



Unique Visitors in Analyzer NX

The Unique Visitors metric has been available in Analyzer NX, our former analytics tool. At this time, the "without cookie" part was an estimation as mentionned in the metric name: Estimated Unique Visitors.

Non-significant differences between Analyzer NX and User Insights/Data Query may be noticed due to this calculation difference.

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