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How can I change the Push Export linked to my flow?

A Push Export can be changed by changing the Flow itself - Changes in the Flow will immediately take effect in the linked push export.

How can I delete a Push export linked to my flow?

There are two ways to delete Push Exports:

  1. A Push Export can be delete by deleting the Flow itself.
  2. A push Export can be stopped if it is deleted from the Export management application.

What happens when I delete a flow?

When a Flow is delete from the from Data Flow manager interface, like the Flow itself, the export is valid for 7 more days.

How many push exports can be linked to a flow?

You are able to create one push export for every existing Data Flow.

What formats are the files in?

Push Exports send compressed CSV or JSON files (depending on your configuration) in GZIP format. Before processing the files, you will need to uncompress them. This done within file transfer standards to ensure the fastest and most efficient file transfer possible.

How long does it take for the file to be received?

Please allow for a small delay as the file needs to be generated and transfered after the hour/half-hour is complete. This delay will vary depending on the site traffic.

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