Configuring Amazon S3 connections

Configuring Amazon S3 connections is also a straight forward process.

In order to start, select "Amazon S3" as the send mode when setting up to your Data Flow Push Export.

Then select "Add an Amazon S3 configuration":

You will be prompted with the following configuration window. In order for to know where to push the Data Flow files and have the necessary rights to send the files we need the following information:

  1. S3 Configuration Name - the information requested here is for your reference. This will enable you to find and edit your connection amongst your other Amazon S3 connections you may have configured with AT Internet
  2. Bucket Name - We need inforation regarding the name of your Amazon S3 bucket. This is a unique identifier specific to your bucket only. This will enable us to send the files to the right place
  3. Destination Folder - If you wish to send the exports to place other than the main bucket folder you can specify the path here, sub-folders should be seperated by "/"
  4. Access configuration rule - In order for AT Internet to send the files to your Amazon S3 bucket, your bucket must contain the rule described in the dark grey box in its bucket access configurations. The rule can be easily copy-pasted using the "copy rule" button
  5. Test the connection - when you press the "test the connection" button we will send a small file over to your Amazon S3 Bucket which will enable us to confirm that the information you have provided is correct and the connection has been set up correctly

& hit save!

When you return to the Flow configuration, hit: to refresh the Amazon S3 connection list. You should see the connection you've just configured appear in the drop-down list.

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