Creating a Push Export

In order to create a Push Export on a Flow, it is necessary to save the Flow beforehand.


Once the Flow has been saved you will be able to configure an export by clicking the "Export" button above the Flow's URL. 


This will prompt the "Create a scheduled export" configuration window below.

  1. Name of scheduled export - the name of the scheduled export will enable you to identify your file one it has arrived on your S3 bucket or (s)FTP
  2. Frequency - You are able to choose between "Every hour" and "Every half hour"
  3. Site - In this drop down list you need to specify the site for which you would like to set up a push export
  4. Format - You must specify if you wish to receive your files in JSON or CSV format
  5. Send Mode - You must specify where you wish to receive the file: Amazon S3 bucket, FTP or sFTP
  6. Settings - this section enables you to fill out the necessary details for AT Internet to push the Data Flow files to your Amazon S3 bucket, FTP or sFTP. All past configurations will be available via the drop-down list
  7. Start the schedule - In this section, you have the posibility to specify when you would like to receive the first file. Caution: if the the option "immediately" is selected flow will start to be sent to the destination in the following full half-hour or hour.

Note: when you hit "Save" your parameters will have been registered and the exports will start being pushed to your desired location as per your specifications. The name of the files received will resemble the example received file name provided.






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