[Sales Insights] How can I enter the Sales Insights beta phase?

This page deals with the advanced ecommerce module of the Analytics Suite.

Sales Insights, the new ecommerce module of the Analytics Suite, is now live. It's time for you to enter the beta programme to test these exciting features.

How can I access the new ecommerce reports?

First, log in to Explorer. As the beta is being rolled out progressively, there are 2 cases:

  1. You can see the "Sales Insights" menu entry on the left hand side: that's it, just click on it and read the information in the popin window;
  2. You don't see the "Sales Insights" menu entry: contact us so we can activate the beta on your user account.

Will it work with my current SalesTracker tags?

No, Sales Insights is way richer than SalesTracker in terms of events and properties that are collected.

Please take a look at the update documentation related to the new events:

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