Multi-organisation accounts use

As our access rights evolve towards a new philosophy aiming at data partitioning, some processes and analysis access will soon change. To ensure data privacy for our customers, we are progressively restricting data access to Organisations as detailed in our dedicated articles about the new access rights system. Here is a quick recap of how different scopes of data can be accessed in our affected solutions, with clickable links to check details per case:

  Dashboard Data Query API calls
  Logged-in browsers Unlogged browsers








Single-site and Multi-site for a single organisation

All our solutions handle single-site and multi-site (from the same organisation) analysis done in Dashboard/DataQuery, or done with API calls, via either interface connexion or basic authentification.


Multi-site cross-organisation

Organisation Switcher

If you are working with different companies from your AT Internet account, like in the case of agencies for instance, you can use the organisation switcher to access the company's sites as detailed in our new access rights system's articles. The organisation switcher must be used for all analyses done via a logged in browser (including Analytics Suite 2 solutions like Explorer). It is located in the top-right corner under the profile section, in the Organisation section as shown in these screenshots:




Data Query / Dashboard / Report...



Datasets can be added in three different ways in Dashboards:

  1. Create a dataset thanks to the dedicated section.
  2. Import data based on a Data Query template (single or multi-site single organisation).
  3. Import data from an external service and use our REST API calls.

Options 1 and 2 can only refer to the sites in the dashboard, which should be the ones picked in the Dashboard site list among the current organisation sites. Option 3 will let you import multi-site API calls from our REST API that are currently working cross-organisation. Please note that these API calls will no longer be working by 2019 as AT Internet continues to work toward data partitioning per organisation in its new analyses.


Data Query

The data available in Data Query can only be based on the site list from the current organisation.
Multi-site templates are still available but will only use the sites listed in the same organisation.


API calls

  1. Logged in browsers
    Being logged in to a browser allows you to access the API call directly. However, be careful, as your access to data will be based on the last organisation you accessed while logged in to our solutions. This means you might have to go back to Explorer and switch the current organisation to initiate your call. Please note that cross-organisation API calls work for now but will no longer be working by 2019 as mentioned above.

  2. Unlogged browsers (Excel/Postman...)
    Data access by API calls through a third party solution requires a basic authentication. Cross-organisation API calls also work for now but should be unavailable by 2019. If your account is listed on a contract belonging to an organisation, and also in the Other organisation, this means you are listed on contracts that use different access rights systems.

    This situation will only remain until all contracts have been migrated to the new Access Rights system (end of September). Until then, any access to former-access-rights-system-based contracts will have to specify -1\ before the login (-1\ as in this example in Postman:



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