[Sales Insights] Sales Insights, the advanced ecommerce module

Sales Insights* is the new advanced ecommerce module from the Analytics Suite, it comes as a complement of the existing SalesTracker. AT Internet takes the ecommerce shift and provides you with actionable reports in order for you to save time:

  • Understand the checkout funnel usage and don't let any prospect leave you without converting,
  • Optimise the product catalog by analysing every step: product impressions, product pages, cart interactions, etc.
  • Get a holistic view of your platforms galaxy with cross-session, cross-device and cross-site carts and clients reports,
  • Discover insights with advanced reports to highlight data that you may have missed to the naked eye.

Introductory webinar (30 minutes)


Some of those events require new tracking. Please take a look at the update documentation related to the new events:

Access to Sales Insights

If you don't see the Sales Insights menu entry in Explorer, get in touch with us so we can activate this for you.


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