[Sales Insights] Transactions

This page deals with the advanced ecommerce module of the Analytics Suite.

The transactions, whether you call them orders, leads, quotes, bookings, are the main concern of your online store.

The advanced ecommerce module of the Analytics Suite offers a set of reports to understand the performance of your online shop.

Overview & Insights

We have selected a list of mandatory KPIs to drive your activity:

  • number of transactions,
  • turnover,
  • average order value,
  • cart lifetime,
  • average revenue per paying user (ARPPU), etc.

In order to help you represent those values, we also have selected a wide range od data visualisations, such as this heatmap, allowing you to understand the times most conducive to purchase:



This report provides you with the list of transactions, combined with several properties:

  • Payment provider
  • Shipping provider
  • Promo Code
  • Client Id, etc.

Several metrics are available in order to fine-tune your report:

  • Turnover
  • Number of products
  • Time between cart creation and transaction, etc.

Payment & Shipping

If you offer the capacity to your clients to choose from several payment and shipping providers, it's important for you to get a clear view of which ones work best:


Cart life time

Do you know how much time your visitors need to close the purchase process, from the cart creation to the transaction? Thanks to the advanced ecommerce module, you are able to know how many transactions are complete depending on the cart creation time.

This will help you distinguish the compulsive buyers from the hesitant ones.



If you don't see the Sales Insights menu entry in Explorer, get in touch with us so we can activate this for you.

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