[Sales Insights] Purchase funnel

This page deals with the advanced ecommerce module of the Analytics Suite.


Report objectives

The purchase funnel highlights the failure of each step (pink bars). With this report, you'll be able to view the number of carts that left for a given step, as well as the related turnover.

Purchase steps

The purchase funnel is defined by 4 steps:

  • Cart
  • Shipping
  • Payment
  • Confirmation

These steps are triggered by dedicated ecommerce events. This allows you to trigger whenever you need (page load, click, form submission, etc.). You no longer have to fake a page load.

Several figures are provided:

  • funnel conversion rate, which is the ratio between the converted carts and the active carts on the period (in green above the funnel), as well as the lost carts and the converted carts with the related sales:
  • active carts for each step (in blue below the step label).
  • step conversion rate (green percentage between each step) which the ratio between the carts which loaded one of the next steps and the total of active carts on the given step.

Cross-site reports

This report is handy when you wan to run an analysis to understand the purchase funnel for a given site.

It becomes even more powerful when you run this on several sites which share the same cart IDs and product catalogs. Then, you can gather the data and understand the cross-site really of your ecommerce activity.

Thanks to this feature, a visitor starting to add products to its cart on your mobile app and converting on your web site will no longer be considered as a drop-off on your mobile app. Both platforms contribute to the conversion.


If you don't see the Sales Insights menu entry in Explorer, get in touch with us so we can activate this for you.

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