Create delegations and choose delegates

Delegate administration

As an administrator, you may also need to delegate the management of access rights for a specific set of sites to other employees. In that case, you need to create a delegation:

  • Click on the first icon of the vertical menu
  • Click on the button “Create a delegation”


  • Then enter a name
  • Select the delegate(s) (people in charge of the administration of the access rights for the delegation)
  • And choose which site(s) will be part of the delegation (the delegate(s) will be in charge of giving access rights to these sites).


Note: As an Admin, a Delegate does not have to belong to any group to access all the applications of the solution and see data for all the sites of the Delegation. Full access rights are given by default to a delegate.


Delegation's home page

To access the list of delegations, the administrator has to click on the first icon of the vertical menu.

A delegation Home Page shows (from left to right):

  • the total number of users in the organisation,
  • the total number of groups created at the delegation level (groups created in the other delegations or at the organisation level are not counted in this figure)
  • and the total number of sites in the delegation. Each icon is clickable and leads to the respective parts: list of users, list of groups, list of sites.

The management of the delegation is also accessible from this page, by clicking on the “Edit” or “Delete” button located on the top right. The left column shows the list of delegations in the organisation.

Finally, the search bar allows you to find particular users, groups or sites within this delegation.

Note: this screenshot represents the view of the delegation by the admin. A delegate may see only one or some delegation(s) depending on his access rights. A delegate can edit a delegation but cannot delete it.


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