Vertical menu

The vertical menu contains five icons that leads to the main parts of the application.


When entering the Access Rights application, the page displayed by default is either the Organisation Home Page, or a delegation Home Page, depending on your administration status (Admin or Delegate).


Organisation's home page

The organisation Home Page shows (from left to right):

  • the total number of users in the organisation
  • the total number of groups created at the organisation level (groups created in a delegation are not counted in this figure)
  • and the total number of sites in the organisation

Each icon is clickable and leads to the respective parts: list of users, list of groups, list of sites. The management of the organisation’s administrators is also accessible from this page, by clicking on the “Manage Administrators” button located on the top right of the page.

Finally, the search bar allows you to find particular users, groups or sites by their name.



List of users

The list of users is accessible from the vertical menu. It is divided into two parts:

The actions on the top:

  • The button “Create a User” leads to the user creation page.
  • The button “Import” allows the import of csv file to create users or update the user list.
  • The button “Export” exports the user list into a csv file.

The search bar, filters and list of users on the bottom:

  • The search bar allows to find particular users by their name or email address.
  • The buttons “Without rights” and “With rights” filter the list of users:
    • “Without rights” represents the users that do not belong to any group
    • “With rights” represents the users that belong to at least one group
  • The list of users shows users without rights (!) and users with rights.



List of sites

The list of sites is accessible from the vertical menu. It is divided into two parts:



List of groups

The list of groups is accessible from the vertical menu. It allows you to:


Activity logs

The activity logs table shows, for each user, the last time he performed an action in each application.


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