Introduction to Access Rights

The new access rights system streamlines the daily management of your users with groups and roles that provide access to the various tools in the Analytics Suite.



To access the application, please contact your administrator to ensure your account has been created as an administrator or a delegate.


Accessing the application


Set up your access rights step by step

  1. Identify the main concepts and keywords *
  2. Create users
  3. Add other administrators *
  4. Create groups
  5. Define the role of each group
  6. Create delegations *
  7. Check access rights 
  8. Update access rights *
  9. Export/Import users' access rights *

*reading these articles is not required to set up the access rights (but it will help you get the most from your configuration).

If you can't find something in the application, please feel free to have a look at our vertical menu description. 


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